Redfoo from LMFAO

Novalja / Plaža Zrće 17.08.2017 - 18.08.2017 Vrijeme 22:30 sati - 18:00 sati ID: PG-TR-275

Redfoo from LMFAO

Zrce beach, Island of Pag, Croatia

At first look and listen, you may assume that Redfoo is just a big haired, hard partying, EDM-centric artist with a goofy sense of humor, but he is actually a musical superhero. Redfoo channeled his creative into song and dance, realizing that it was one of the most powerful platforms for self-expression. 

From crafting his own name to his equally colorful attire, Redfoo mastered the art of embracing individuality and now empowers his fans do the same.
By channeling his life experience into tangible art, Redfoo’s goal is to offer super-fans their own experiences. After all, “that’s [his] job; to live life and to write about it. It’s to feel good, inspire and motivate people to get up and dance and follow their dreams” which may just lead them exactly to the Party Rock Mansion.

Let’s party rock the night of 17th of August – see you at the wildest performance of the season! Redfoo is coming to Papaya club!

17.8. Redfoo